Max Weinberg still the muscle behind Springsteen's E Street Band

Paul R. Giunta/Getty ImagesEven after all these years, E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg has energy to burn.

Speaking to Rolling Stone just after returning from the New Zealand finale of the band’s 13-month The River Tour, Weinberg said he’s ready to head out for another six months if Bruce Springsteen needed him. In fact, Weinberg says, “I would have let out a yell of exultation.”

Weinberg, who turns 66 next month, says, “I don’t really get tired. It’s a funny thing.” Using a sports analogy, Max says playing with Bruce is like being Michael Jordan’s teammate: “He lifts everyone else’s game.”

Regarding the band’s legendary three-plus-hour concerts, Weinberg continues, “My body has adapted through the years…Nobody is phoning it in. That’s not in the lexicon. Staying in shape is very important. I do a lot of swimming so my breath is good. Muscle-wise, I’m in shape.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer has endured some health scares over the years, including prostate cancer in 2011 and major open-heart surgery in 2010.

For now, Weinberg plans to spend time working with several side projects that include a 12-piece band that plays strictly Stax and Motown songs, a 23-piece 1950s-style dance band and a 15-piece Count Basie / Buddy Rich–style band.

Max also enjoys real estate investing and, most of all, following the career of son Jay Weinberg, drummer in popular metal-thrash band Slipknot. Max comments, “Jay is an unbelievable drummer. Two years in a row he’s been named the best metal drummer out there. I had nothing to do with it. He taught himself.”

Whatever Max’s future, he’ll approach it head-on. He reflects, “I come from strong stock. I come from strong Russian people. The nickname ‘Mighty’ I guess is apt.”

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