Police guitarist Andy Summers delivering new solo album, “Triboluminescence,” this month

Flickering Shadow ProductionsPolice guitarist Andy Summers will release a new solo album titled Triboluminescence on March 24. The record is Summer’s 14th studio effort and follows 2015’s Metal Dog.

The album, which features nine tracks, finds Andy continuing to explore the diverse sounds of a musical genre he created called “New Exotic.”

“‘Triboluminescence’ is actually a scientific word that means creating light from dark, which I believe is a great metaphor for any creative act and, especially, music,” says Summers with regard to the new album. “This record results from a lifetime’s worth of receiving influence, digesting it, and trying to create a new voice. I feel like I’m taking the Metal Dog album and moving on from there and trying to expand the writing, the tonal palette and this idea that I have about creating new music.”

Among the many influences Summers incorporates into the album are jazz, Indonesian and West African music. Triboluminescence ends with a tune titled “Garden of the Sea,” which includes musical contributions by renowned Armenian cellist Artyom Manukyan.

Andy will promote the new record at a special Q&A and performance event scheduled for March 23 at the Grammy Museum’s the Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles. The interview will be conducted by Grammy Foundation Vice President Scott Goldman. For more details, visit GrammyMuseum.org.

Here is the track list of Triboluminescence:

“If Anything”
“Elephant Bird”
“Haunted Dolls”
“Pukul Buny Bunye”
“Garden of the Sea”

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