Peter Frampton says his new single, “I Saved a Bird Today,” was inspired by true story

Phenix PhonographPeter Frampton has released a new single called “I Saved a Bird Today” that’s available as a digital download and via various streaming services. Frampton, who co-wrote the song with frequent collaborator Gordon Kennedy, tells ABC Radio that it was inspired by a real-life incident.

The veteran guitar whiz explains that he was at his condo one Sunday morning when he discovered a large bird that had flown into his bathroom window and knocked itself out. Frampton says he Googled “help a bird out” and found a local woman who rescues birds to advise him.

The woman initially suggested that he wait to see if the bird would just fly away, and, although it eventually seemed to be feeling better, it would not leave. After Frampton described the bird to the expert, she determined that it was an American coot, a type of bird that can only take off if it’s in water. So, following the woman’s instructions, Peter was able to get the coot into a box and then bring it to a local river, where he set it free.

“[The bird] jumped into the water and then did that slow-mo walk they do across the water for, like, 30 yards [and] took off,” recalls Peter. “It was a phenomenal feeling. And I said, ‘I saved a bird today.'”

Afterward, Frampton tells ABC Radio, he shared the story with Kennedy, who came up with what Frampton says is “a phenomenal lyric” based on his account.

Describing the sound of the tune, Peter says, “It’s not rock, it’s a lighter song, but it’s something very special to us.” He adds that his guitar part was inspired by jazz great Django Reinhardt.

Check out “I Saved a Bird Today” now at Frampton’s official YouTube channel.

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