Mike Shinoda reflects on “joyful,” “cathartic” debut solo tour

Credit: Frank Maddocks Mike Shinoda spent his summer on the road on his first-ever international solo tour, supporting his new album Post Traumatic. But now, in an Instagram post reflecting on the recently completed outing, the Linkin Park vocalist/multi-instrumentalist admits he felt like the tour might have been a “total failure.”

“It was over five weeks long, a trip circumnavigating the planet, with more shows per week than I’ve done in years,” Shinoda writes. “I was carrying the tour as a ‘solo artist’ for the first time.”

Adding to the pressure was the subject matter of Post Traumatic, which documents Shinoda’s grief over the death of his friend and band mate, Chester Bennington. As for what kept the tour from actually being a “failure,” Shinoda credits “agility, humility, perseverance and patience”…and something else.

“Looking back, the same theme that has carried me through the past year [and] helped bring this tour to life: gratitude,” he says. “I did get tired. I did get sick. But instead of cutting songs, I found myself adding them. Instead of feeling discouraged, I felt emboldened. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create, to play live.”

The shows themselves, Shinoda says, were “extraordinary.”

“These were not ‘concerts,’ nor ‘entertainment,'” he says. “They certainly were not ‘tributes’ or anything sad. I don’t know what to call them, but they were joyful, exciting, cathartic, screaming, singing, jumping celebrations that I will do everything in my power to continue to have, as long as I’m allowed to have them.”

Shinoda’s first North American solo tour kicks off October 10 in Quebec.

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