New Baroness album “Gold & Grey” due in June; listen to single “Borderlines” now

Credit: Pam StrohmBaroness will release a new album called Gold & Grey on June 14. You can download the record’s first single, “Borderlines,” now via digital platforms.

“Our goal is, was, and will always be to write increasingly superior, more honest and compelling songs, and to develop a more unique and challenging sound,” says frontman John Baizley of Gold & Grey.

“I’m sure we have just finished our best, most adventurous album to date. We dug incredibly deep, challenged ourselves and recorded a record I’m positive we could never again replicate.”

Gold & Grey is the fifth studio effort from Baroness, and follows 2015’s Purple.

Before the new album arrives, you can catch Baroness on their current U.S. tour, which continues Thursday night in Anaheim, California.

Here’s the Gold & Grey track list:

“Front Toward Enemy”
“I’m Already Gone”
“Anchor’s Lament”
“Throw Me an Anchor”
“I’d Do Anything”
“Blankets of Ash”
“Emmett-Radiating Light”
“Cold Blooded Angels”
“Crooked Mile”
“Broken Halo”
“Can Oscura”
“Assault on East Falls”
“Pale Sun”

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