Monday-Friday 6am-10am

The Morning-X with Jax

I'm a rare breed of sports fanatic/music nerd/movie buff/pop culture enthusiest. With passions for all of that, what better way to display my useless knowledge than through radio. That was my conclusion after at one point thinking to myself, that I could do Carson Daly's job better than him.

I'm still working on it.
However, this all didn't come about until I already had 4 business degrees (seriously, that happened). But that's when my passion for alt rock/indie rock/and classic rock took over. Since then, radio has taken me from my hometown area of St. Louis, MO, to northern Illinois, to Arkansas, and now Ardmore, Oklahoma.
I, for one, couldn't be happier with the result.

Random facts about me: I'm either watching Netflix i.e; (House Of Cards, Arrested Development), HBO i.e; (Game Of Thrones, True Detective), analyzing episodes of Mad Men, or watching any and every movie that intrigues me. This, of course, is when my time is not occupied with sports. I'm a St. Louis guy so yes, I love the St. Louis Rams, Cardinals, and Blues. And my fandom for these teams takes things to a whole new level. Other than that, I run a lot and take care of my one-eyed cat, Slade Wilson (if you get that reference, then I think you're awesome). 


Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Joe D.: X Middays

I got my start in radio 13 years ago as a intern. I was hired on as a part-time promo tech working with our 4-station cluster. From there, I was offered a full-time position as the promotions assistant for our cluster.

I spent a couple of years doing that while learning programming and doing weekends, overnights and eventually nights.

From there, I got more and more involved in programming and was eventually offered the APD. I spent two years in that position until my PD left. I then took over.

In my spare time, I'm a musician. I've been playing bass for about 25 years now and even spent a couple years touring with Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, playing bass in his solo band, Belladonna. That was one of the most amazing experiences! I got to see a lot of the country and meet some great people too!

My touring days are done, but I still like to play on weekends with my cover band, Dome.


Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm

 Pablo:  The Afternoon-X

My entertainment career started in the Minneapolis clubs, armed with turntables, my wicked imagination and something to say.

I landed my dream job at the 'evil rock station' in town and have been rockin' at 93X in Minneapolis for 18 years!

Afternoons On-Air, Music Director & Assistant Program Director are among the many hats I wear.

At night and on weekends, you will often find me entertaining the masses hositng many rock events, festivals, bar gigs and concerts.

I'm happy to come aboard on The-X and keep the music rolling throughout the afternoon, and into the evening.


Monday-Friday 7pm-12am

Woody:  The-X at night

I started my career in radio as a part-time jock on 93X in Minneapolis in 2011 and have worked my way to becoming the Evening host and Production Director for that cluster of three stations.

In that time, I've been a host on WGVX in two formats and now producing imaging for the station's latest incarnation, too.

I also do commercial voice over work independently, providing my pipes for the likes of many national commercial spots.

I'm very excited to be the evening host on 92.7 KTRX and turn the party up at night!


Monday-Friday 12am-5am

Lindsey: Overnight-X

I began interning in Gainesville, Florida in 2008. I was quickly invited on to do weekends and eventually began doing mid-days.

In 2013, I started at a new station in Tampa, Florida, doing weekends and hosting the Saturday nigh Specialty metal show, "The Pit," before eventually doing nights.

In September, 2014, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to do mornings there and moved to mid-days in January.

Now, I'm happy to be a part of The-X family in Ardmore and hope to continue the good tunes in the wee-hours of the morning for all you third-shift workers and early risers!
KTRX Show TopiX

Aaron Lewis covers Prince during Country show

We've all been reeling over the death of Prince, and the tributes continue to pour in from artists from all genres. One man, who transcends at least two of those genres is Aaron Lewis, who is currently touring with his Country act.


The year of reunion continues to grow as it has now been announced that Punk/metal band The Misfits will reunite!!!

Unreleased songs by the late Layne Staley could be released soon

The Pulse of Radio has recently announced that unreleased recordings of the late Layne Staley could be restored and released.

Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin arrested... again

SHOCKING NEWS...... well, not really... Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has been arrested... again.

5FDP locked up in battle with record company

It's already been a tumultuous, yet exciting year for Five Finger Death Punch, and now they're locked up in a legal battle with their record company and its CEO regarding their next album.

Super group Gone Is Gone releases first single, track listing for upcoming album

Super group Gone is Gone has finally released the first full single "Violescent" off their upcoming album, as well as a track listing.

Brian Johnson issues heartbreaking statement after leaving AC/DC tour

AC/DC fans are heartbroken that Brian Johnson can't finish the current tour for the band, but not nearly as disappointed as Johnson himself.

Bret Michaels, Buckcherry and Uncle Ted lead inaugural LaconiaFest

Those three names sound familiar, right?
They should. All three have, and will perform in Ardmore this year, and they're headlining the inaugural LaconiaFest on June 11-19 in Laconia, New Hampshire.

AC/DC and Guns N' Roses now share mutual frontman, Angus performs at Coachella

It's been an eventful weekend for AC/DC, Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose.

Mastodon, At the Drive-In, Queens of the Stoneage members form new group

Who doesn't love a good supergroup, right? Now it seems members from Mastodon, Queens of the Stoneage and At the Drive-In are forming a new one, and it sounds promising!

Mastodon's Brann Dailor sitting in on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Despite the band still touring their last album "Once More 'Round the Sun," Mastodon will take a week off without their drummer, Brann Dailor, while he sits in on Late Nite with Seth Meyers.

Hollywood Vampires announces 2016 tour dates

We all know Guns N' Roses is going on tour now, even announcing a date in Dallas at AT&T Stadium on Aug. 3. But the biggest surprise over the weekend was likely the announcement that Super-Celebrity group, Hollywood Vampires, announced tour dates. However, they'll be tough to come by.

Andrew W.K. starts the "Party" Political Party to contrast Reblicans, Democrats

Andrew W.K. has entered into politics. (Yeah, that guy who had an album cover of his face bleeding profusely.)

Five FInger Death Punch's Ivan Moody hospitalized, band cancels remainder of Aus

They've headlined their own tour, and were set to open for Black Sabbath on the legendary band's "The End" tour in Australia, but now Five Finger Death Punch has had to pull out of that opportunity.

CONFIRMED: Steven Adler will perform with Gn'R!!!

The name Keith Neddo may not mean much to most people, but for Guns N' Roses fans, he's the most important man in the world right now!

Axl Rose replaces Brian Johnson in remainder of AC/DC tour

AC/DC, featuring Axl Rose.... sounds weird, right?
As odd as it could sound, it's incredibly possible Axl will be filling in for ailing AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who was advised by doctors to stop touring immediately for fear of total hearing loss.

Ed Force One damaged in Chile during Iron Maiden world tour

CHILE - Well, the Iron Maiden "Book of Souls" world tour is barely a couple months old, and already, Ed Force One has taken a lick.

Facebook thinks Corey Taylor performed without his mask in New Mexico

According to reports out of New Mexico, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had his mask stolen backstage before their show in Albuquerque, and was forced to do the show without his signature face covering..... or was he?

GoFundMe account set up for Bad Brains' Dr. Know

If you watched the Foo Fighters' "Sonic Highways" series, or are familiar with early DC punk rock, then you're well aware of who the Bad Brains are.

Rock artists up for Grammy Awards

Despite the Grammy's lack of love for the Rock world at times (and often, their straight up misunderstanding as to WHAT Rock music actually sounds like), there are a number of our favorite artists up for some Grammy's tonight.

"NOW" releases rock compilation record... FINALLY!

"Now That's What I Call Rock" was released last Friday, and we've had some time to let it soak in. Now, we've got our reaction to the full compilation. Do you agree? Any snubs? Or was there anyone totally undeserving on the list? Let us know in the comments.

2016 Razzie Nominations

See this year's Razzies nominees, and our picks to win this year!

The best of 2015

2015 has been full of some crazy stuff, not just for The-X, but for Rock music in general.
So here is our ultimate “BEST OF” list for 2015 via JaX and the staff.

5FDP bassist says Paris inspired sobriety

LAS VEGAS - Sometimes, it takes a tragedy for people to change their lives for the better. Such was the case of Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael.
Kael, who plays base for the Las Vegas hard rock band said in a recent interview that the terrorist attack in Paris last month inspired him to become sober.

Former STP, Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland found dead Thursday night

Scott Weiland, the former frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, has been found dead on his tour bus.
The tragic news was confirmed early Friday morning with a statement from his manager on Weiland's social media pages.

Chester Bennington, STP part ways

It seems as if Chester Bennington can now focus solely on Linkin Park again, as the Stone Temple Pilots - or rather ex-frontman Scott Weiland - says that the two entities have parted ways.

Halloween events in Texoma

Find out what Halloween events are happening in Texoma this week.

HAPPY BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY: What did the movies get right about 2015?

TODAY is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown come to the future.
What did the film get right and wrong? We've got the breakdown.

Scott Stapp shows "Proof of Life" after 2014 meltdown, announces solo tour

And after a brief stint with some personal issues and public scares, the Scott Stapp is back for a solo effort and announced a world tour. Click for details.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees announced

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced nominees for this year's HOF Inductees!

Thanks to the Pope, Islander forced to release single early

Thanks a lot Pope! (No seriously, thank you!)
It is because of the most recently elected Pontiff that newcoming rockers, Islander, had to release their single, "Wake Up!" sooner than anticipated.

IN-DEPTH: Cohee family home shot in drive-by incident' Families want peace

The home of Toby Cohee, father to Tyrik Cohee, came under fire Sunday morning, and now all three families involved in the shooting death of Carmell Stoliby are asking for peace.
Read the in-depth article, and listen to Stoliby's father comment on the situation, as well as Toby Cohee recount the events of Sunday morning's shooting.


Hell's Club

A Youtube-er by the name of Antonio Maria Da Silva AMDSFilms just put out an INCREDIBLE mashup of cinematic villains, heroes and characters called Hell's Club.

So the VMAs were last night.....

Last night, MTV (Formerly "Music" Television) held their annual VMA awards, and guess what? It was a trainwreck and further proof that MTV has no knowledge of music anymore.

Suspect wanted for Pontotoc County burglary

PONTOTC COUNTY - A sketch artist has released a rendering for a home invasion suspect in Pontotoc County.

BREAKING: Extended, unrated version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" relea

An extended version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" has just been released.... it's awesome!

Percussion legend Vic Firth dies at 85

For drummers, he's one of the originators.
The man behind Vic Firth percussion, Mr. Vic Firth himself, has sadly died at the age of 85.

After the Burial's Justin Lowe found dead

WISCONSIN - Metalcore band After the Burial has been making headlines lately for some bad reasons, and yesterday, it got worse.
After going on a paranoid tirade against his bandmates, guitarist Justin Lowe was reportedly found dead in Wisonsin on Tuesday.

Man makes off with cash from Sherman bank

SHERMAN - Police are on the lookout for a brazen thief who made out with an undetermined amount of money from a Sherman bank yesterday.

ODOT uses dynamite to clear rock on I-35 in the Arbuckles

You asked for it... we delivered.

FEMA asking for Flood Damage reports

Do you have flood damage from Tropical Depression Bill?
Report it by contacting the American Red Cross for possible FEMA aid.
Kevin Kerr has the entire story with Carter County Emergency Management director Paul Tucker.


New Seether may or may not be "Brand New"

If you haven't guessed already, our residen morning guy, JaX, is a fan of Alternative, and  HUGE Brand New fan.
So when he heard Seether's new single "Nobody Praying for Me," he thought it was a little familiar.
Turns out, it was VERY familiar!


JaX had Artifas in the studio this morning to chat, as well as play a couple exclusive tracks, including one you will ONLY find on the web! Check them out below, PLUS the band's contact info and their own music videos!

Rock Vs. Alt.

Are you a rocker? Or does Alternative reign supreme in your music library?
We want to know!
Come back every weekday and vote on which track you think is better... our Rock track, or the Alternative one!