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  1. threetrees

    We are really glad you went back the original programming ,(CLASSIC ROCK),you had before you went to that head banging Crap you went too. Cause 102.5 signal isn’t strong enough to pick up very well here. Now we listen to you all day in our office at work, car, and home. I totally stopped listening to 92.7. One thing I would like to know is why you have a request line when no one will answer it. I have tried several times in the past few weeks during the time when meat head is playing music and no one will answer the line.

    1. kevinkerr

      LOL, Thanks for the message.
      Unfortunately, we’re having some phone problems, and they’re intermittent. We hope to have the problem fixed soon. And Meatball would LOVE to take some requests from you!
      For the time being, you can hit us up here, or on our facebook page,, and submit your request there.
      Thank you so much for listening!

    1. kevinkerr

      Do you happen to know a specific time when we might have played it? I can look into our aired music logs and see.
      And if you remember any more of the lyrics, that would also help.
      Thank you!

  2. Allan

    I’m interested in pursuing a career in the radio industry and would like to know ow what I have to do to get a job at your station

  3. R

    My friend arrived in Ardmore 6 months ago from the United Kingdom and he’s the biggest rock music nerd! Since I introduced him to your show he’s now also the biggest fan of the nerd herd because he thinks “these guys really play the music they like and not the commercial hits”. In particular, I think he is a bit obsessed with Meatball because “he would like to meet anyone who calls himself ‘meatball’ because he probably has that name on his birth certificate”!
    I was wondering whether you could call him or mention him on your show or play music from his all-time favorite band (Red Hot Chili Peppers)? I think it would make his day!
    Thanks for introducing me to a lot of great music on your show!


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