Kurt Cobain gets into a fight on stage in Dallas, TX circa 1991 - Watch this Video

October 19th 1991 @ Tree's in Dallas. Nirvana was still an up & coming band, not the mega huge superstars they became. This was a sold out show at tree's & Kurt decided to stage dive into the crowd w/ his guitar. When he was flopping around in the crowd, he hit the bouncer in the head w/ the butt of his guitar a couple of times... For those of you who are in bands... Rule #1 = don't piss off the sound guy b/c they will make your band sound terrible... Rule #2 = don't piss off the bouncers as they will not only beat you down but they will also make sure you never play their club again... Sound guy knocks Kurt down w/ 1 punch... Watch this video & see

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