OK OK OK.... body modification has gone too far with this one... The new trend in Japan is to have a bagel head... at least they named it right, b/c it totally looks like you've got a bagel on your head. If bagel heading becomes popular in Oklahoma, I will make fun of you.  When piercings came out, i was ok with it, even though it wasn't necessarily for me. I have a fear of needles, so piercings are not my thing. Tattoos are a different story all together. Those are tiny needles but its not the same feeling when you get a tattoo... the needles are entering your skin but it doesn't feel like you're getting a shot or giving blood. I myself have several tattoos & when you get one, its more of a slight burning sensation. Botox cracks me up but if you're that self conscious & have zero self esteem, by all means, make yourself feel better about yourself. BAGEL HEADS just look ridiculous. Like something out of star trek... see for yourself & tell me these people aren't freaking stupid...

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