Kris Roe of THE ATARIS - throws temper tantrum on stage & throws a guitar at his drummer - CLICK HERE TO SEE

See the video here as Kris Roe vocalist for the Ataris, is none too happy with his drummer Rob. Now i must inform you, these musicians in the ataris are "highered guns" so to speak... they are musicians hired for touring purposes & supposed to be pros. Apparently Kris is none to happy about Robs performances over the course of this tour & isn't happy that the drummer is allegedly drunk. Below is the video of the meltdown on stage, & another video statement made my Kris Roe following these things... Kris Roe is still cool in my opinion, I am still a fan of the ATARIS & i always will be, b/c to me its all about the music. Plus he's wearing a RED CITY RADIO T-SHIRT... so check out the incident, the statement regarding what happened, then my favorite Ataris song ever! VIVA LE ATARIS! up the punks... - jay ramone


video statement from the band regarding this incident

MY FAVORITE ATARIS SONG... "IN THIS DIARY"... the lyrics couldn't be more true... "being grown up, isn't half as fun as growing up, these are the best days of our lives, the only thing that matters is following your heart, & eventually you'll finally get it right"...

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