The 40 worst Rock tattoos of all time

Loudwire has put up an article with the 40 worst rock tattoos of all time.

They're awful.. just awful. I mean, the Ozzy to the right looks like it has herpes, and Dave Grohl looks like a Nickelodeon character.

Why do people get these, and not immediately tear off their flesh?

Anyway, here's a few of our favorites:


This tattoo to the left is SUPPOSED to be a re-imagining of Black Flag's anar
chist logo (see image to the right). However, it came out looking like bacon that was absolutely torched.

We aren't sure what type of "re-imagining" this guy had in mind, but rest assured, it didn't involve bacon being cooked in motor oil.


If you had to guess who this tattoo to the right is, who would you guess?

Did you say Ronnie James Dio?
Yeah, we didn't either.

If Tim Burton designed the HIM tattoo to the left, then it's kinda cool... but he didn't, and it isn't.

Seriously? Did this person let their 3-year-old draw this tattoo? Or is it actually an infection that's getting out of hand? If it is, we think it's spreading and she should probably get that checked out.


OK, one of two things happened with this tattoo on the right - The tattoo artist AND the person receiving the tattoo can't spell, or there's an awful tribute band out there for Black Sabbath that this person is WAY too into.

Seriously, how do you misspell Sabbath? HOW? It's only one of the most prominent words used when referring to metal or rock acts. Pretty sure it's a requirement that when a band performs, at least one member is required to wear a Sabbath T-shirt.

To top it all off, this person is apparently trying to be Slash, or something with that hat.

Awful tattoo, awful impersonator... this might just be the most  awful person in existence.


Oh... nevermind. The person who did this tattoo of Angus Young from AC/DC is the worst human being on the planet.


Well, needless to say, they just get worse and worse.

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