Chevelle drops new song 'Hunter Eats Hunter' from La Gargola album

via Loudwire
Chevelle is still a few weeks away from releasing their ‘La Gargola’ album, but it’s shaping up to be a killer record. The band has already released their rapidly rising single, ‘Take Out the Gunman,’ and now they’re giving fans a taste of a new track called ‘Hunter Eats Hunter.’

The song is a heavy guitar-driven rocker with a sinister vibe. Frontman Pete Loeffler rhythmically releases his unsettling tale about a hunter and its prey, with the feedback at the song’s end providing an ominously scary resolve.

‘Hunter Eats Hunter’ can be heard on Chevelle’s ‘La Gargola’ album, which drops in stores April 1. The band completed the album with producer Joe Barresi in Pasadena, Calif., expanding their musical palette and working in some new sounds on the upcoming disc.

Those who wish to pre-order the album may do so via Amazon and iTunes. When you pre-order via iTunes, you’ll actually get ‘Take Out the Gunman’ and ‘Hunter Eats Hunter’ ahead of the release.