Atreyu on reunion: 'We had an urge to make more music'

Recently, Atreyu said they would be reuniting, which sent crazy waves of happiness throughout the rock community. (We were stoked for sure.) The metalcore veterans formed in the late '90s and released five studio albums before taking an official hiatus four years ago.

But at the recent Rockstar Energy Drinik Mayhem Festival kickoff in San Bernardino, Calif., Loudwire had the chance to sit down with Brandon Saller and Dan Jacobs to talk about the news.

Here's some of the highlights:

"LOUDWIRE: Take us inside the bubble and let us know how the reunion came together.

BRANDON: Discussions probably began about eight months ago. We all had dinner one night in Huntington Beach and figured out that we had an urge to make more music. It was that simple. We talked about some options and things grew really fast.

DAN: I think it’s clear that we have some unfinished business. When we went on hiatus four years ago, we didn’t know if we would be back.

BRANDON: Back then, we all decided it was kind of pointless to be in a band if we weren’t all going to be 110 percent. When you’re in a band, that’s just how it has to be. I hate to see a band up there that is starting to phone it in. I feel ripped off. We didn’t want to get to that point but we knew that possibly we were heading down that road.

DAN: When you’re in a band as long as we had been, it’s interesting because we started his teenagers. You go through those years together living in Never Never Land and you never really grow up. We just got to a point where we wanted to see what we are made of outside of being in a band. We wanted to establish ourselves be individuals and now we can go back a little bit older and wiser and get back to business."

"LOUDWIRE: Do you think you might be doing anything special? Perhaps something in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of ‘The Curse’?

BRANDON: We’re starting to think about little things we might do but those won’t be a focal point. If we do anything at all like that it’ll just be a piece of the puzzle. We’re not looking to promote anniversaries or anything just yet, this is a fresh start for us and we really just want to have fun and pick up where we left off before making any concrete plans. We don’t even have a label yet, but I’m guessing that’s going to change pretty soon. Because we do want to make new music. And so we will"

You can see the entire interview HERE.

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